The college degrees people earn—and the credit they receive toward those degrees—matter. Not only can they mean the difference between landing jobs or not, but they also can mean the difference between success or stagnation for our nation and its economy.

We must face some hard facts* about college education in our country:

·         By 2018, 63% of jobs in the U.S. will require at least some college

·         Only 42% of adults aged 25-34 have attained a postsecondary degree

·         Our global leadership position in the number of adults 25-34 with college degrees slipped from 4th place in 1997 to 11th place in 2009

·         To catch up with leading nations, the U.S. needs to increase the rate of degree production by 50.8%

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) is responding to these pressing needs by:

Helping Adults Earn College Credit for What They Already Know

When people receive college credit for what they know from life and work experience, they earn their degrees and credentials faster, saving money on tuition. They also learn the value of their experience, which gives them confidence to complete their degrees. 

To help adult students receive the college credit they deserve, and to help colleges and universities award credit for prior learning, DETC offers these services: 
If you have significant college-level learning from job training, work experience, military experience, or other experiences, is the place to earn college credit for what you already know. Why take—and pay for—classes in subjects you have already mastered?

Faculty and Administrator Professional Development 
To understand how to evaluate and award credit for the prior learning of your students, start by joining a DETC webinar, attending a 1 ½ day workshop, or becoming certified online in Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Customized Consulting for Colleges and Universities 
If you want to assess learning on your campus, DETC’s on-site workshops and consulting services help you understand how offering credit for prior learning will help you meet your retention and graduation goals.

Assisting Adult Students to Stay in School and Graduate

More and more adults are returning to school to retain their current jobs, find employment, compete for higher-paying positions, and complete a degree that they started years ago. But the traditional structure and organization of higher education often make it difficult for them to stay in school and graduate.

To help colleges and universities meet the needs of adult students, DETC offers these services: 

Advising Services Tailor-Made for Adult Students


Learn about the unique needs of adult students and how to advise them through DETC’s professional development webinars, workshops, and certificate program. We can train your advising staff, or advise students and employees directly.

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