Providing education and training to adults requires insight into their distinct needs and challenges, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different types of organizations need different solutions for handling adult learners’ needs. 

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) helps organizations by offering:

Consulting to Address Specific Challenges

Consulting for Colleges and Universities 
As a college or university administrator, you may think about:

·                     Goals for Your Adult Student Population

·                     Marketing to and Recruiting Adult Students

·                     Retaining and Graduating More Adult Students


DETC keeps all of this in mind and creates a customized solution that supports your goals and helps your adult students succeed.


Consulting for Employers 
As an employer, you have your own unique concerns:

·                     Identifying workforce competency and skill gaps that impact your bottom line

·                     Finding efficient ways to use training and tuition dollars to develop vital competencies

·                     Moving front-line employees into new and different roles

·                     Facing an employee retirement bubble that may leave you scrambling to fill mission-critical positions


DETC’s customized consulting solutions focus on your unique concerns and bring an in-depth understanding of how to help adults learn and excel in their work.


Consulting for Workforce Developers 
As a workforce developer, you may be concerned about:

·                     Identifying what new skills your target industries need

·                     Recognizing knowledge and skill gaps that training and education can fill to help job seekers link to careers with long-term stability

·                     Leveraging your talent development system to spur economic growth

·                     Improving your connections with employers to help satisfy their workforce needs

·                     Uncovering hidden job seeker skills that may set them on the path to employment

DETC crafts customized consulting solutions based on full knowledge of how employers and higher education systems influence the success of adults seeking further education.