DETC helps you develop talent at all levels, particularly entry and mid-level employees who create your products, service your customers, support your culture, and represent your brand. They are your internal talent pipeline.

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (DETC) helps you create efficient, effective learning and development opportunities to:

·                     Engage Employees

·                     Retain Employees

·                     Build a Pipeline of Qualified Talent



Often, the greatest obstacle to growing your own talent is a lack of vital knowledge and skills in your workforce. When learning is carefully assessed, you will have an accurate grasp of employees skills. And when it is assessed for college credit, you are helping them attain the credentials and skills they need to develop.

A study by the McKinsey Global Institute noted that by 2020 employers in advanced economies could face a shortage of 16 to 18 million college-educated workers. A Manpower survey also found that 39% of American companies are having difficulty filling positions right now. The recruitment problem is filtering down to learning and training as the organization struggles to find ways to prepare employees for new roles and increased mobility. The pressure is on for ever more efficient learning.

DETC offers a time-tested method to assess learning for college credit. It engages your employees in learning and helps them attain the credentials and skills they need to develop.


Know What Employees Know and Motivate Them to Earn Credentials

Many employees do not realize that some of their training is at the college-level, and could therefore be worth college credit. They also may not realize that even their on-the-job learning, military training, and learning from community service and independent study might be college-level. Learning that occurs outside of both work and the college classroom is rarely tracked, and it’s difficult to verify before hiring someone for a new position.

There is a way to address this problem -- and it actually saves money instead of costing money. DETC’s learning assessment service, allows your employees to receive college credit for prior training and other learning, motivating them to graduate. And you save substantial dollars on tuition reimbursement and have access to full documentation of their learning. helps you:

  • Retain Employees—Increase retention by acknowledging learning and offering a pathway to credit.
  • Build a Stronger Learning Culture—When employees earn college credit for what they already know, they get excited, and they share their stories with coworkers.
  • Provide Expert Advice—Employees can spend time one-on-one with an expert advisor to find out how much credit they may already have
  • Keep Employees Engaged—Education and college credit are valuable benefits to give to your employees, helping them become better leaders and move within your organization