How LearningCounts Works

Not all college-level learning occurs in a classroom. LearningCounts helps you earn college credit by assessing your experience and knowledge.

Here’s how it works:

Get Advice from a College Credit Specialist

You’ll have a session with a College Credit Specialist. You’ll talk about your background and interests, and together, determine the fastest and most affordable path to finish your degree.

Enroll in a Course

Our online portfolio development courses help you demonstrate the college-level learning you acquired through work, volunteering or military service. We offer instructor-led and do-it-yourself courses to work with your schedule and budget.

Portfolio Development and Assessment

While working through either one of our courses, you will create your first online Learning Portfolio that matches your knowledge and experience to a college course.

Once you have successfully completed that first portfolio and received an assessment from  a faculty expert, you can begin to create more Learning Portfolios. You may match one course per portfolio. Students have earned 9, 18, even 36 credits toward their degree using Learning Portfolios to earn college credit.