Public Notice of Probation

DETC Notice of Probation is made public via the Commission’s website in accordance with Section X (D)(2), Rules of Process and Procedure, Standards of Accreditation and in accordance with 34 CFR 602.26 (b)(1).

In cases where the Commission has reason to believe that an DETC-accredited institution is not in compliance with accreditation standards and other requirements, the Commission may, at its discretion, place a school on Probation.

  • A school subject to a Probation Order will be required to demonstrate corrective action and compliance with accrediting standards.

  • The Commission may require a school to submit Commission-directed reports and receive on-site evaluation teams in conjunction with a Probation Order.

  • Failure to demonstrate compliance with accrediting standards or other accrediting requirements by the end of the probationary period may result in the school being removed from the accredited list.

DETC Standards of Accreditation require a school subject to a Probation Order to inform current and prospective students that the school has been placed on Probation and that additional information regarding that action can be obtained from the Commission’s website.

The following DETC-accredited schools are currently on Probation: (as of May 30, 2019)


  • AIC College of Design – Cincinnati, OH
  • Berk Trade and Business School – Long Island City, NY
  • Center for Excellence in Higher Education – Salt Lake City, UT

    California College San Diego – San Diego, CA
    California College San Diego – San Marcos, CA
    CollegeAmerica – Denver, CO
    CollegeAmerica – Fort Collins, CA
    CollegeAmerica – Colorado Springs, CO
    CollegeAmerica – Flagstaff, AZ
    CollegeAmerica – Phoenix, AZ
    Stevens-Henager College – Idaho Falls, ID
    Stevens-Henager College – Oren, UT
    Stevens Henager College – Murray, UT
    Stevens-Henager College – Logan, UT
    Stevens-Henager College – Boise, ID
    Stevens Henager College – St. George, UT
    Independence University – Salt Lake City, UT

  • Elegance International – Hollywood, CA
  • IBO Technology Course – Rio Grande, PR
  • IBO Technology Course – San Sebastian, PR
  • Mt. Sierra College, Monrovia, CA
  • River Valley School of Massage – Russellville, AR

An accredited school that has had their accreditation withdrawn or denied and chooses to appeal,  remains accredited, operating under a Probation order, until the final disposition of the appeal.  The following schools are in the appeals process:

  • International Culinary Center – New York, NY
  • International Culinary Center – Campbell, CA