Blueprints for Success

The DETC Blueprints for Success highlight best practices of high performing institutions and provide guidance on some of the more technical areas of DETC-accreditation.

The DETC Blueprints for Success Series provides a framework that can help a school to gain a better understanding of the expectations and rigor of the accreditation process, as well as sample documentation that a school might consider in order to demonstrate compliance with accrediting standards.

Module IV:  The Graduation and Employment Chart

Part I – An Instructional Guide for Completing the G&E Chart

  • How the reporting period is calculated
  • How to enter your data
  • Glossary of Terms
  • How the G&E Chart data is verified
  • Documentation to support the G&E Chart

Part II – Sample Supporting Documentation

  • Summary Supporting Information
  • Examples of Supporting Documentation
  • Guidelines for Employment Classification with tips
  • Examples of Employment Records/Verifications

Module III:  Preparing for the On-Site Evaluation

  • The Purpose of the On-Site Evaluation
  • Scheduling the On-site Evaluation
  • Identifying On-Site Evaluation Team Members
  • What to Expect During the Onsite Evaluation
  • Tips and Practical Advice; and
  • Key Compliance Areas

Module II:  Organizing an Effective Electronic Submission

  • Converting Documents to PDF
  • Compiling Exhibits into One Continuous PDF
  • Creating Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
  • Inserting Pages/Exhibits

Click here to view a 4-minute presentation on the blueprint module, “Organizing an Effective Electronic Submission”.

Module I: Preparing a Comprehensive Response for Commission Consideration

  • Keys to a Successful Response
  • Effective Response Models
  • Answering How and Why Questions
  • Documentation Strategies
  • Case Studies: An Overview of Best Practices in Preparing a Response.

Companion Webinar

  • Click here to access the October 8, 2013 webinar
  • Click here to access the slides from the webinar